Adulthood – Professional contexts

A. Battistelli (Pr), S. Laberon (MCU), J. Pouyaud (MCU), V. Angel (MCU)

This program examines the organizational changes and how individuals are defined “by” and “in” their work, linked with the transitions experienced during their careers. Innovation at work is transversely investigated, in that it actively contributes to improving the working environment, to promoting the development of diversity, and to supporting the construction of the individual in their professional trajectories and integrations. The overall objective of the research program is therefore to specify individual conditions, collective and organizational innovation, to understand the emergence of complex psychological processes, and to assess how they all contribute to the development of the individual and organizations.

The program includes four components:

  • The study of conditions that promote employees' Work life quality (professional risk situations, adaptive mechanisms and personal resources, collective and organizational).
  • The study of self-building processes in career transitions and security (innovational context, promotion of diversity and Work life quality).
  • The study of psychological processes explaining "atypical" professional Inclusion and the contributions of diversity in the workplace (attitudinal levers and brakes; development of occupations, workers and companies, thanks to inclusion; impacts of regional development).
  • The study of the individual, organizational and team resource conditions needed for the development of organizations and various forms of innovation.

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