M. Alcorta (MCF), C. Brisset (MCF), O. Grondin (MCF), L. Lannegrand-Willems (PR), J. Lucenet (MCF), C. Perchec (MCF), C. Ponce (MCF), V. Rouyer (PR)

This research program focuses on the study of individual development from early childhood to emerging adulthood by analyzing relations and interactions in life contexts. These contexts are designed and assessed at different levels, the micro level (family and family relationships, school and academic contexts) and/or the macro level (intercultural variations). This program brings together university lecturers and researchers as well as PhD students in development psychology, educational psychology, social psychology and cross-cultural psychology.

Researches are conducted to analyze diversity of cognitive, socio-cognitive, psychosocial and/or socio-emotional development into an ecological and dynamic approach. They are organized in 3 topics:

  • Family relationships and child and adolescent development
  • Development and adjustment of child, adolescent and emerging adult in school, academic and sociocultural contexts
  • Identity construction from childhood to emerging adulthood.

The members of this program use both quantitative and qualitative approaches. They have diversified skills in methods and tools concerning child, adolescent and emerging adult psychology.

Studies in fundamental and applied research conducted within this program aim to value and broadcast knowledge about development from early childhood to emerging adulthood within the scientific community, towards professionals working in institutions or services for children, adolescents and emerging adults and also to the general public.

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