Social cognition : Normal and psychopathological functioning

M. Barrault, A. Carrier (MCF), C. Dantzer (MCF), G. Décamps (MCF-HDR), M.L. Félonneau (PR), A. Follenfant (MCF), M. Husky (PR), K. M’Bailara (MCF-HDR), A. Pascual (MCF-HDR), A. Prouteau (MCF-HDR), F. Ric (PR), B. Subra (MCF), G. Tapia (MCF-HDR)

This Research program addresses the processes by which individuals construct their perception of the social environment and the behavioral, cognitive and emotional consequences brought about. These consequences are mainly studied in the field of discrimination, pro-environmental behavior and pathology. The program combines fundamental and applied questions which mutually nurture each other, and are organized in two themes.

  • The socio-cognitive background of behavioral undertaking and  behavioral change : The objective is to explore determinants of behavioral undertaking as well as tools for modifying behavior towards an adaptation to the needs of prevention, and to ecological or health preoccupations.
  • Interaction, stigmatization and discrimination : The objective is to study determinants of discriminatory behaviors and their consequences on stigmatized people. The objectives cover both the understanding of these phenomena and possible actions in terms of prevention and remediation in the education, health and social inclusion sectors.

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