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Adolescents and young adults’ psychosocial and socioemotional development in contexts

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Camille Brisset (MCF), Olivier Grondin (MCF), Lyda Lannegrand (PR), Cyrille Perchec (MCF)


The research theme of this program focuses on adolescents and young adults' adaptation and forms of self-positioning and identity construction in different contexts, considering important transition phases and temporalities. This program brings together researchers and Ph.D. students in developmental and educational psychology, cross-cultural psychology and developmental psychopathology.

Given the thematic complementarities developed by the members of the program, their research projects consider both typical and atypical (e.g., adolescents benefiting from institutional care) development and situations, and take into account the role of life environments (e.g., family, school, institutions) and culture.

Their activities are organized according to two lines of research:

  1. Adolescents and young adults’ adaptation and self-positioning and life transitions
  2. Intra- and inter-individual variability of emotional regulation in adolescence.

Members of the program having diverse skills in the methods used in adolescent and young adult psychology, their research rely both on quantitative or qualitative approaches.

The basic or applied research projects carried out within the program aim to contribute to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on development from adolescence to the beginning of adulthood, to the scientific community, professionals working in services and institutions for adolescents and young adults (educational, medico-social) and the general public.


  • Lyda Lannegrand


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