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Transformations, innovation, and inclusion at work

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Vincent Angel (MCF), Jacques Pouyaud (PR), Guillaume Déprez (MCF)


The program members focus on current transformations in work and organizations related to the emergence of new psychosocial, juridical, economic and governance norms. These normative transformations are based on, or support, the massive integration of new technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, internet of things, autonomous robots, collaborative robots, virtual reality) that participate in the development of new "psycho-socio-technological environments.

This program seeks to answer the following questions, along two axes:

Axis 1: Technological change and reconfiguration of the individual, collective and organizational environment.

How does this reconfiguration affect the perception and meaning attributed to work? How does this reconfiguration lead to a modification of skills and/or the development of new skills in various forms of learning (i.e., formal, and informal)? How is teamwork modified in terms of psychological processes (i.e., collaboration, learning, and conflict) and effectiveness (i.e., performance, and innovation)? In these contexts, what coherent managerial strategies and practices allow to build efficient and healthy organizations?

Axis 2: Individualization and de-automatization at work: the challenges of building and accessing decent work.

These transformations create spaces of hybridization and tensions (i.e., values, norms, economic, social, human, and technical resources). How do these hybridizations transform the norms of employment, work, and careers? How do they enable individual and collective development towards decent work? How do the different workspaces (e.g., formal, informal, standardized, marginal) allow for the construction of a dignified and healthy person? What are the processes of self-construction that support professional and personal journeys in transformed workspaces? 


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